Introduction to F1 Hoverpod Racing 

Formula Hoverpod Racing was created in the Summer of 2005 with the intention of bringing the passion of Racing to the reach and ability for all to join in the fun. The products being designed exclusively for the Race Programme have stretched the boundaries of imagination, for even the best environmental regulations.

Maximum consideration was given to pollution, sound levels, the natural World and the impact on the environment around. The solution was simple and without compromise, address the pending issues from the outset and the result was Formula Hoverpod Manufacture Ltd was born. 

Power Plant


85 BHP Engine

When selecting a Power Source to propel the "Manx GT" Hoverpod, there were as one might imagine, many options. The question was do we go with power, quality, reliability or reputation. The answer was far easier than we expected, to which the Design Team solution was the difficult equation to overcome. "All Of Them" was the answer, when we asked the question "which is the most important to the Formula Hoverpod Design Team".

The next problem to solve was the variety of fuels to power the engine. Do we design the craft around a two stroke engine, a four stroke engine, a diesel or gas powered engine. The two stroke as used in traditional home built craft, is always the easiest route to go but whoever said F1 Hoverpod Racing would seek the easy route. The only real way to build the best in the Business is to work with the best from the beginning. The Team investigated every suggestion open to them over a period of almost two years 

The conclusion was to specify through contract, a supply for the very best four stroke engine available on the market today. The power plant manufacturer must demonstrate & provide a proven reputation of working with the very latest in engineering technology and design techniques. The Engineers and Technicians would have to satisfy our Designers that they employ the very latest advanced systems to examine, test and certify the components used are of the highest quality available. Additonally the product must be accompanied with the very best in Customer service, support and ultimately replacement, in the unlikely event that the need arises.

The conclusion from all at Formula Hoverpod Ltd  was simply "No Compromise", provide the best engine available and we will build the "Very Best Craft" around the engine. This will endeavour to start the Business with the reputation of the "Best in the World" and show the pathway for Leadership to which all others will follow.

Engine 3 

View of the interior of the "Manx GT" Power Plant. The 85 bhp engine has been exclusively tuned to minimise vibration and match the characteristics of the Hoverpod which is an Industry First.


Regulated by the World Hoverpod Federation Geneva Switzerland

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